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Kim Kardashian Lobbies for Prison Reform

Kim Kardashian is always making headlines often for her social media activity (remember when she cropped North out of her selfie) however, if you were to scroll through the countless KKW Beauty tweets and anecdotes about her children, husband and sisters you would also find tweets about social justice issues close to her heart. Since late 2017, Kim Kardashian had been outspoken about the broken U.S justice system, particularly about Alice Johnson's case. Alice Johnson; now 63 years old and a great-grandmother, was convicted on a first time, non violent, drug offence 20 years ago in 1996. Alice Johnson had been involved in a drug trafficking ring in the 90s during a particularly hard time in her life. Despite her past transgressions as a first time offender she should have been granted parole however at the time parole was not a part of the legal system in a case such as this.


Since that first tweet, Kim Kardashian got her own team of Lawyers to step in and advocate on behalf of Alice Marie Johnson who has now been pardoned after a meeting between the current reality star and the former reality star turned President. The meeting was arranged by Jared Kushner and involved talks of prison reform. It's actually surprising that Trump agreed to pardon Alice as his "platform" involves being tough on drug trafficking, dealing and his overall "tough on crime" stance.

Image from TMZ.com

  Although in the past she has been critical of Trump's political agenda, she and her husband have recently shown signs of collaboration with the current President much to the shock and dismay of the public. However in her endeavour to get Alice Marie Johnson pardoned, we may be seeing what "bigger picture" Kanye was referring to when confronted over his support with the President. We could be seeing more of Kim and her husband lobbying the President and his party on behalf of other significant social justice issues.

image from the dailybeast.com


By Daman Grewal

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