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Pope Travels to Myanmar to Aid in Rohingya Crisis


Catholicism meets Islam in a predominantly Buddhist nation. Pope Francis travelled to Myanmar on Monday to examine and weigh in the ongoing conflict between Buddhists and Rohingya Muslim minority. The country has been accused of acts of brutality against the most persecuted Islamic group due to "ethnic cleansing".

The arrival of the Pope was highly-anticipated because of two reasons: one, he met with Myanmar's leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suuy Kyi, who is the currently the centre of hatred because of this matter and two; his historical mass to some 150, 000 worshipers in Yangon in which he stressed the idea of "forgiveness and compassion" in response to hatred and rejection.

Pope Francis meets with Myanmar's leader. Image courtesy of Bustle.

To avoid controversy, the pontiff did not mention the word "Rohingya" during his whole time in Myanmar as well as address allegations of ethnic cleaning, but highlighted religion as a primary instrument to solve the crisis.

Pope Francis is scheduled to travel to Bangladesh today to meet a small group of Rohingya refugees in Dhaka.

By: Franz Tabora

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