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Face-Covered Protest on Quebec’s Bill 62


Criticism on the province's Bill 62  continues to intensify with thousands of protesters taking over the streets of Montreal on Sunday to show their complete abhorrence of the legislation. The event consisted of mainly Muslim advocates, women's groups, and university student associations. Face-covered protestors marched across the streets while chanting "So- so- so- solidarity" and "Everybody hates racists." Vandalism also took place as a famous statue of Sir John A. Macdonald was found covered in red paint prior the march.

Image Courtesy Toronto Star

The protest is a direct response to Quebec's Bill 62, which strictly prohibits the use of the niqab or burqa for face coverings upon usage of public transit or other government services. Believed to be the first of its kind in North America, the legislation has induced great controversy in the province, sparking interest in the debate of cultural inclusivity. On Oct. 20, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau weighs in further on the Quebec law as he points out that it is not the role of government to tell women what they can or can’t wear.

Image Courtesy Global News

By: Franz Tabora
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