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The Secret Sessions: An Immersive Cinematic Event Returns to Toronto

The Secret Sessions is returning to Toronto. The immersive cinema experience will be taking place on March 13 -17 at an undisclosed location. Tickets are $60. The event, which is a fusion of cinema and theatre, invites guest to dress up as and play the role of characters from a selected cult classic film. Guests interact with paid actors on a recreated set to bring the film back to life. Last year’s installment was a production of Anchorman:The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Guests were told to dress in 70s newsroom attire, fake moustaches and all. Your ticket will also include a meal inspired by the film, alcohol (for purchase), socializing, movie screening, and an overall, good time. You won’t know the location and attire until 24 hours before the event, to add an element of mystery and surprise.

Inspired by the U.K. version, Bronwyn Cuthbertson and Jennifer Dysart are both the co-founders of the event. The ladies are excited to bring the second edition and look forward to expanding in the future. To buy tickets, check out thesecretsessions.ca

Must be 19+

By Rhea Braganza

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