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Huda Kattan Brings her Beauty to India


India just got a little more dolled up! Posed as one of the internet’s top influencers granted by Time Magazine, Huda Kattan announced the launch of her Huda Beauty collection online at, just in time to start the New Year off right!

The leading beauty blogger in Dubai has expressed how anxious she was to announce the big reveal, as she and her glam team have been conjuring this up for a long time. With hard work and patience, now India doesn’t have to wait through the typical shipping period to get their desired Huda products, but can have access to them a lot quicker!

Kattan spills on her Indian debut from Vogue how “India is a really vibrant market and the beauty industry is fast-growing,” confirming her confidence in knowing the market she has chosen to excel in “will really appreciate Huda Beauty.” She reveals that she feels like “beauty is a necessity in India.” Explaining that “because of their amazing features, women in India wear more makeup to enhance their big beautiful eyes and bold brows. They’ve always loved makeup, being very glam and over the top; it’s as though it’s in [their] blood.”

With over 20 million followers, Kattan has been a massive influence on entrepreneurs globally, especially beauty indulgers! From her liquid matte lipsticks, voluptuous faux lashes, eyeshadow palettes, contour sticks and much more, Kattan has turned her passion into an empire.

It seems like Huda Beauty will only continue to grow and wipe out the competition!

Huda Beauty products can be purchased at Sephora.


By: Vera El-Timany

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