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Priyanka Chopra Seeking Legal Opinion to Terminate Contract with Billionaire Jeweller Nirav Modi


Priyanka Chopra, who was featured in one of the advertisement campaigns for billionaire jeweler Nirav Modi, is currently seeking legal opinion to terminate her contract with the brand.

Last Wednesday, Nirav Modi allegedly acquired a fraudulent letter of undertaking from a branch in Mumbai to secure overseas credit from other Indian lenders, which made the state-owned Punjab National Bank to detect a USD 1.77 billion (Rs11,400 crore) fraud. Many reports suggested that the Quantico star, who was earlier the global brand ambassador of Nirav’s brand, had already taken legal action against the brand for non-payment of dues for the ad campaign, but her spokesperson has come forward with the following statement, “There are speculative reports that Priyanka Chopra has sued Nirav Modi. This is not true. However, she is currently seeking legal opinion with respect to terminating her contract with the brand in light of allegations of financial fraud against Nirav Modi. More updates to come on this situation.

Billionaire jeweller facing fraud charges




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