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Egypt attack considered deadliest in the country


The past weekend in Middle East was welcomed with devastating news as a group of militants bombed and gun attacked the al Rawdah Sufi mosque in Northern Sinai, Egypt on Friday. Over 300 people were killed in which 27 were children and 127 are injured, according to Egypt's state prosecutor.

The assault, which is regarded as deadliest in the country, involved 25-30 armed men who had long beards and hair, each carrying an automatic machine gun. One of them was apparently holding an ISIS flag based on a claim although there has been no official proof of association with the famous terrorist group.

People gather outside the Sufi mosque. Image courtesy of Radio New Zealand.

International leaders have expressed their full solid support of the country, including US President Donald Trump vowing to continue the fight against terrorism. Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi have already responded to the attack, commanding the Egyptian Air Force to conduct airstrikes on "terrorist outposts" and "vehicles."

Our deepest prayers and condolences go out to the families of the victims in this horrific incident.

By: Franz Tabora

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