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Beautyblender Blends with M.A.C Cosmetics


Who said the season that ‘just keeps on giving’ is over? What a blended way for the makeup industry to begin the new year! M.A.C Cosmetics has surprised beauty lovers with news on their recent collaboration with Beautyblender, beginning January 4. That’s right, now you can buy your favourite makeup products and accessories all in one store!

The large quantity of beauty blenders floating around isn’t much of a surprise though, considering that the name of the iconic egg-shaped sponge was the most searched phrase in 2017 according to Teen Vogue!

Booming with popularity over the years, the famous sponges have also won Allure’s Best of Beauty award with its remarkable buffing, blushing and blending!

Hoping that consumers are not too emotionally or financially worn out from the holiday’s; be prepared to fight your way through select stores. Or, of course, binge-shop on their online site. Prices will range from $16 to $20.


By: Vera El-Timany

Instagram: @SHECanada Twitter: @SHECanada Facebook: SHE Canada Magazine

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