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Get Pride Parade Ready with the Rainbow Brows


As the Toronto Pride parade approaches, we thought we'd share with you the art of rainbow brows. The trend has been going on for quite some time now and what a better way to sport the look than during this weekend. Whether you're attending the parade or want to celebrate the milestone of the LGBTQ community, this is the way to do it! 

The trend was initiated by NikkieTutorials, a youtuber who has over 10 million subscribers, as a result of her brother's death of cancer. Nikkie continued to show positivity despite the loss of her brother and was captured by her photo on instagram with the caption that reads in part: "I'm posting this colourful video in honor of him [her brother], and to cheer up those in need of some color and fun. "

To complete the look, Nikkie used the Kat Von D eyebrow pomade collection that have a variety of colours with cool tones and warm tones. And using an angled brush filled in her brows that resembled the colours of the rainbow. Her right brows consisted of warm colours such as red and orange, while her other brows were drawn in using cool-toned colours.

Her eyebrow look became a trend and had been re-created by many Instagram users. Everyone looked so good in them and it's done as well as how Nikkie did it!

If you want to achieve the look, watch Nikkie's video here:

Happy Pride everyone!

By Mary Angeline Joven

Twitter: @SHECanada Facebook: SHE Canada  Instagram: @shecanada 

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