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786 Cosmetics: Vegan, Halal and Cruelty Free


It's not fair to have to give up something just because the products or companies do not align with one's beliefs. For a while, nail polish was a product that many were having to stay away from because of just this, but not anymore thanks to 786 Cosmetics. 786 Cosmetics is a brand that provides an amazing alternative to chemical based nail polish and the best part, it is currently shipping worldwide!

The brand is verified by PETA as cruelty free and vegan, which means their products are not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal byproducts in their ingredients. Furthermore, the brand is tested and verified as 100% Halal, free of alcohol and  wudu friendly!

I'm sure like all of us, many of you were wondering, well how does this work? How do we ensure that this product is wudu friendly? The key is that their leading industry formula is permeable, which means water and oxygen can penetrate through the nail polish. In other words the nail polish is breathable, and it's this breathability that makes it safe and allows it's users to perform wudu and pray throughout the day without having to remove it! Feel free to check out their website where they perform a water permeability test!


Contrary to popular belief, just because the product permeable, this does not mean that the 786 Cosmetics Halal nail polish will peel or chip easily! Their non-peelable formula is built to last! Just one coat will last anywhere from 7-10 days with minimal chipping.

On top of it being vegan, halal, cruelty free and wudu friendly, one of our favourite aspects of the product that we have to mention is how the shades are inspired by cities from all over the world! They have a wide range of shades pleasing all kinds of skin tones!


This product is perfect not only for Muslims, it is also very beneficial for people from all walks of life!  If you're looking for a vegan nail polish that is guaranteed to be cruelty free and still provides the durability and beauty of regular nail polish this is the product for you!

Make sure to check out their website ( and social media for more details and options.

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