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Why Less Makeup is Actually More


Applying makeup on a regular basis eventually leads to it becoming part of your daily routine and gives the impression that it's do-able and easy even on days you're late and have to rush out the door to go for work. We salute those ladies who are able to do this because it's a commitment and takes a lot of effort and expertise to able to do all those things EVERYDAY. But there are also those who would much rather take their time in the morning by applying less makeup- maybe a bit of mascara, concealer, blush, and tinted lip balm- (and don't get us wrong, we love a natural look!) and would rather enjoy their breakfast and head out the door. Because if I'm being honest, I'm one of those people for most days. So if you're like me who prefer to enjoy their breakfast and take their time in the morning here are some of the benefits and why you should actually be proud of it! 

1. More time on your hands: if you spend less time on doing your makeup, you have more time to spare rather  than looking at yourself in the mirror and applying foundation, eyeshadow, etc. You're more able to enjoy your morning and take your time instead of rushing to the door. By spending less on looking at yourself in the mirror and perfecting your contour, you will probably have time to wake up, step out your balcony or backyard, and breathe the fresh air. 

2. Embracing your natural skin: not wearing a ton of makeup highlights your bare skin and overtime you get use to it until you're comfortable leaving your house with no makeup (which is always a great feeling especially in terms of boosting your self-confidence) even if you have a zit on your forehead, the spot I'm pretty sure almost gets it.

3. You spend less money on products: by applying less makeup, you actually save money on beauty products because you buy less and only gravitate towards products that you actually use. Now you can put money aside to save up for a holiday to the Caribbean or anywhere else in the world if you wanted to!

4. It's so much easier to do: aiming for a natural makeup is so easy because you can worry less about whether your eye makeup is too dramatic or simple for your bold or nude lip colour! This is because your focus becomes centred on enhancing your features and less about the colour of your eyeshadow or your lips

5. It's better for your skin: wearing less makeup will let your skin breathe and may even help clear out any acne breakouts caused by wearing makeup! This is because you stop using the product that may have ingredients that triggered a breakout or your pores aren't clogged from all the products you're putting on your face. Instead of investing on makeup products, why not try splurging on skincare. It not only improves the look of your skin, it also becomes healthy! 

If we still haven't convinced you and are thinking people will take notice and judge you based on how you look (I'm not gonna lie is partly true) then, you're not really doing it for yourself. Makeup, in my opinion, is suppose to enhance one's natural features and to make them feel good about themselves;  it's not for those who see it but for the person who wears it. Because at the end of the day, what really matters is how you feel about yourself.

But if we still failed to convince you after all our rambling, here is a gentle reminder: everyone is busy with their own lives and the last thing they have time for is to pour judgement on how you look. So the next time you decide to wear makeup, do it for yourself. Don't worry about others and what they think because no one really pays attention to how you look besides you.

Why not try wearing less makeup to change things up a bit. Maybe this'll transform your routine and how you see yourself eventually!

By Mary Angeline Joven

Twitter: @SHECanada  Facebook: SHE Canada  Instagram: @shecanada

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