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Why You Should Try Goat Milk Soap


Caprina manufactures affordable soap using 100% fresh goats milk entirely in Canada. This company concentrates on being good for you as well as for the environment, it is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and is phosphate and paraben free.

Andre Beauregard, the company’s president, grew up on a farm. In 1991, he started his own seasonal item wholesale business and sold his products in the United States and Canada. Later on, a client asked him for a goat’s milk product, which at the time had the shelf life of only six months. Beauregard decided to create his own products and found a way to create a goat’s milk product that has the shelf life of three years. He’s found a way to make goat’s milk product last much longer and that is his “secret ingredient”.

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These ingredients are very beneficial to our skin in many ways. Goat milk has vitamins A, B, C, and D, the most effective for the appearance of our skin is vitamin A. This is what repairs damaged skin, ultimately it is anti-aging and helps reduce acne. It also has Alpha Hydroxy Acids which remove dead skin cells and encourages the growth of new cells. The commonly used water-based soap may be able to provide some of the benefits goat’s milk soap has, but the benefits are infused into the soap rather it naturally being there and will most likely have negative side effects like irritation.


Caprina tries to reduce the effects of their environmental footprint, the president of Caprina says “We hope to stand out from our competitors by making smart decisions”. They are doing this in many ways, they are reducing their energy use by installing smart lighting in their factories, their shipping boxes are made with recycled and thin cardboard, and they are testing vegetal-based inks in order to improve the recyclability of their plastic bottles, which are already biodegradable. This company also has plans to make all of their products completely organic in the near future.

I’ve received a few of Caprina’s products and am excited to reap the benefits of switching to goat’s milk soaps. If you want to try their products you can try your local drugstore or their website

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