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“We Wear Culture” Google’s Archived 3,000 years of world fashion

Google has always made reaching out to all parts of the world easier. Now, their newest project will help you access one of the most widely accessible and comprehensive fashion collectives on the planet.

"We Wear Culture" is a collaboration between Google and more than 180 museums, schools, fashion institutions, and other organizations from all parts of the globe. Google's Art's and Culture platform is attempting to digitize world's cultural treasures and bring the world to our fingertips.

This project, consisting of many organizations, has been in work for quite some time and is now ready for us to explore, engage, and learn from.

"With this project, the world of fashion joins more than a thousand institutions of art and history that share their collections on Google Arts & Culture, letting you explore even more of our culture in one place," said the digital behemoth.

The stunning collection gives you many choices as well as things to play around with. The archive also features famous clothing and accessories that have had a symbolic impact to our history and fashion. For example, find out how Chanel’s black dress made it acceptable for women to wear black on any occasion, or learn how Marilyn Monroe’s sparkling red high heels became an expression of empowerment, success and sexiness for women.

Google also teamed up with Ingrid Nilson, everyone's favourite Youtuber who goes through the wardrobe and discovers more history within all the articles features.

"Before you hide under your hoodie or put on a pair of ripped jeans, hop over to our YouTube channel to take a closer look at the historic thread running through today's fashions." Said Google on the We Wear Culture page.

The website does a good job in keeping the entire project easy and fun. The user-friendly database features many different platforms to feature the different clothing and makes it a fun and entertaining experience for users.

“We wanted to show that fashion is much deeper than just what you wear; that there’s a story behind it, there’s people behind it, there’s influences that come from art, that come from music, that come from culture more broadly,” Kate Lauterbach, program manager for Google Arts & Culture, told Business of Fashion. From the history of shoes, to 360-degree angle YouTube videos of iconic items all the way to being able to explore intricate detailing and patterns and how they have changed. The website features it all. The great thing about the site is that its world relevant, and features fashion from cultures all around the world and not just North America, making it a relevant archive for everyone and a great way to learn about different cultures.

We Wear Culture is a wonderful innovation that is truly a gem to our never ending online databases. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go look up how the Cheongsam changed the way Chinese women dress.

Let us know what you think of "We Wear Culture" and what you'd want to look up about!

By Maheen Malik

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