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Our First Impression of Design.Me’s Puff.Me hair duo


I'm someone who tends to stick to the same products that work for me when it comes to beauty products, especially skin and makeup products. Yet finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner that work for me is a never ending search. I've tried indie brands, mainstream cult classics, salon chair products even the organic "all natural" stuff and nothing has stuck. I recently had the chance to try out Design.ME's Puff.Me Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. On first look, the duo has super cute packaging; the shampoo being in a millennial pink bottle and the conditioner in a white one. As far as the claims, the product description says the duo is designed to do the following:

"Volumes hair with its weightless, sulfate and gluten free formula while offering hair rich hydration and luscious shine. The duo also builds barriers against breakage, offers heat protection up to 160C, frizz control, detangling and age-defying properties while improving the natural texture of your hair to keep your locks looking healthy from the root, up. You get all of these benefits without any build-up or residue."  (from Design.Me's website).

Both products are also paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan. The conditioner also claims to "banish brittleness and breakage, fighting frizz with its revolutionary vegan-based formula" (from Design.Me's website).

With moving back and forth between the dry air in Alberta and the humid air in England and now Toronto, my hair is constantly having to adjust to new climates. My hair is naturally wavy or curly depending on the day, but has been lately super frizzy lately after having just moved provinces. I would say its pretty thick and about mid back length when natural and lower back when it's straightened. So I was hoping it would be able hydrate my hair, control frizz while also maintaining volume. Most frizz control shampoos I've tried have weighed my hair down or the results wouldn't last more than the first day wash, and if you have curly hair you KNOW you can't be shampooing it everyday without drying it out and creating an even worse frizz situation.

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Upon first impression there wasn't a strong identifying scent to either product. The shampoo lathered really nicely and after rinsing it out my hair definitely felt clean. The conditioner wasn't especially thick which I found interesting because most conditioners that claim to have "frizz control" and be "rich in hydration" tend to have a thicker viscose. I typically use a lot of conditioner because of my long curly hair so I used probably more than the average recommended amount and left it in for about 30 seconds and then rinsed. Once my hair dried I was pleasantly surprised with how defined my curls were and how shiny my hair was. It was definitely more voluminous than when I use my regular shampoo and conditioner and not weighed down at all despite being overly generous with the amount of conditioner I used. I did end up straightening my hair so I didn't get to see how long it maintained that definition with my curls. I was also super excited to see that my hair wasn't completely flat, there was still volume and bounce that I don't usually get after straightening my hair.

I'm definitely going to continue using this duo and this time leave my hair natural to see if it maintains the results. I'm excited to see the results of long term usage especially since my first impression of the shampoo and conditioner is positive! As of right now, based off of my first impressions I think the Puff.Me duo is definitely worth trying if you are looking for volume and products that don't weigh your hair down!


By Daman Grewal

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