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Acid Attack Survivor and Activist to Walk at NYFW

Victim of an acid attack at the age of 17, Reshma Banoo Qureshi has been working as the face of campaigns against acid attacks to fight for the rights of acid attack survivors and limit the open sale of acid in the country. Now 19, Qureshi is also beauty vlogging to raise global awareness on the prevalence of acid attacks. Recognizing her bravery and the work she is doing for her fellow women, production company FTL Moda reached out to Qureshi about walking in New York Fashion Week this upcoming September. Best known for bringing disabled women and men to runway show during AW15, FTL Moda’s mission aligns with Qureshi’s of inclusivity and acceptance. In the official announcement of the collaboration Ilaria Niccolini stated "It has been a journey of discovery that led us to Make Love Not Scars, the most recognized entity supporting survivors of acid attacks in India. We want to give voice to these amazing women, who have been silently suffering, hiding, and too often depriving themselves of the opportunity to declare how beastly, and cruelly they have been attacked. FTL MODA and Global Disability Inclusion are activating a powerful movement called #TakeBeautyBack, in partnership with Fashion Week Online, to make all diverse models, feel beautiful and included in fashion and entertainment. We are working to create a world where acids used in these attacks are unavailable to the public." In a video released on Make Love Not Scars’ official Facebook page Qureshi, who has never been outside India, seemed just as excited and impassioned about the collaboration. By Lindsay Cooper Banner image courtesy of MakeLoveNotScars on Instagram

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