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Saying Goodbye: The Exhibit of Monsieur Christian Dior

The exhibit of Christian Dior concluded on March 18, 2018, leaving us to bid farewell to the beautiful collection. The House of Dior celebrated its 70th Anniversary with an exclusive exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto this past year and proved to be a great hit amongst the museum-goers. Decadent designs of feminine fashion ranged from cocktail dresses to large ball gowns that were worn by past socialites, and further ornamented by handcrafted jewelry. The exhibit focused on capturing the essence of post-war innovation in attire, where accentuated waists and billowy skirts clashed with practical wartime uniforms. This haute couture collection may no longer be accessible, but we can ooh and aah over pictures of the ornate embroideries online. As a tribute, here are some fan favourites at the gallery.

Photo courtesy of dobbernationloves.

Photo courtesy of Torontoguardian.


Photo taken by Ruby Zhao.

Photo courtesy of smagazine.


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