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Disney wants to give the role of Aladdin to a white actor?!

Disney was first criticized by fans on the internet for casting a British Indian actress as Jasmine, rather than someone who is Middle-eastern. Now, to make things worse, Disney is receiving a lot of backlash because of their recent attempt to re-write the character of Aladdin in the upcoming live-action film.

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Disney wants to cast white actor Billy Magnussen for the role...yes you heard me...a white actor. All Disney lovers know that Aladdin is an Arabic story that takes place in Agrabah. The internet naturally exploded and most people agree that casting a white male is offensive. Simply because the proposed actor played a prince several times throughout his acting career does not justify the fact that he should play the part.

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Due to the backlash, one can only hope that Disney will reconsider and listen to the people. Do you think the power of social media can change their minds? By: Alaina Pawlowicz  

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