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Celebrating Ladurée Toronto With Fun Macron Facts!


Macrons are one of the most luxurious desserts that come in pretty boxes and a variety of flavours. Ladurée, the classic dessert's famous Parisian boutique, has come to Toronto! Torontonians have been lining up at Yorkdale mall to experience the chocolates, patisseries, jams, and teas that are featured at the salon. The Yorkdale location also has an exclusive maple syrup macron to celebrate Canadian pride!

Toronto's Ladurée Boutique. Photo Courtesy of Blog TO.


Ladurée Tea Room. Photo courtesy of Retail Insider.

To celebrate the release of Ladurée in Toronto, let's have a look at some fun facts about macrons!

Fact #1: Macrons did not originate in France! In 1533 the Italian pastry chef Catherine de Medicis created a almond and sugar cookie that did not contain any filing. It comes from the Italian word Maccarone, which means soft dough. In 1792 the macron became popular when Nancy, Catherine's grand-daughter, recruited two nuns who were seeking shelter during the French Revolution. They baked and sold the macrons to pay rent and to this day the nuns are known as the "Macron Sisters."

Photo courtesy of Sugary Winzy.

Fact #2: It wasn't until Pierre Desfontaines, founder of Ladurée, stuck two macrons together and filled them with ganache, buttercream, and jams. In 1962 Ladurée was founded and macrons remain to be one of the most popular French desserts to this day, surpassing the éclair. They have come to North America in countless flavors and everyone loves them!

Photo courtesy of Good Food.

Fact #3: One macron is usually between 70-100 calories, so who is ready to splurge on a full box?

Macrons have been around for a while and continue to be one of the most treasured desserts around the world. Perhaps getting a box of Ladurée macrons for a loved one or friend during the holidays will brighten the day. Check out the Yorkdale Mall Ladurée location now!

By: Alaina Pawlowicz

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