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Tarte’s Love, Trust, & Fairy Dust Makes For A Spellbinding Collection

How often do we find a makeup line that is covetable and practical at the same time? Tarte Cosmetics' brand new collection features pink with lots and lots of sparkles and will satisfy anyone's glitter needs. These #flowerpower products have been dominating the Instagram feeds with their dreamy colours and eye-catching packaging.  
The collection introduces a brand new eyeshadow palette and a set of gorgeous, star-shaped brushes to perfect your everyday look. It also includes a repackaging of their iconic Amazonian clay blush and their Lights, Camera, lashes mascara. The reviews are in- the eyeshadow palette is as luxuriously buttery and pigmented as you would expect from this company, and the cute circular shape works well with the starry exterior. Plus, the eyeshadow is placed in the design of a flower!

Love, Trust, and Fairy Dust: $49

The brushes include one for eyeshadow, high beam highlighter, cheek, domed power and diffuse highlighter. Being both cruelty-free and vegan, makeup users can use this kit without worry. A fun tip by Sephora is to use the star tipped ends as stencils, and to place it against your face while brushing power over yourself.

Pretty Things & Fairy Things: $54

The entire collection can be purchased in a limited-edition vault style kit, complete with falling glitter and an extra-special palette titled Fairy Dust exclusive to the haul. The box is too pretty to throw away, and we'd seriously insist on you keeping it on your vanity. If you want this set, you should hurry- while it's in stores now, we're not sure how long it will stay. You can purchase it at and at If you'd like to know how to use the products, check out the youtube video below:

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