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Uniqlo Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart Join The E-Commerce World


If you're like me, getting out of the door is a struggle. Having to get out of bed, put on some makeup, pick an outfit - ugh thinking about it hurts my head already. If this sounds like you, we have some news that will make your day a lot better!

UNIQLO and Shoppers Drug Mart just launched online shopping services!

If you're looking for some goods from UNIQLO and don't want to travel to Eaton Centre or Yorkdale, download the UNIQLO CA app. It is made for customers across Canada and includes mobile e-commerce exclusive offers ranging from $20 to $50. If you purchase over $49 before August 19 there's also free shipping! So what are you waiting for?

Access the mobile e-commerce site:

Download the UNIQLO CA app:

The good news doesn't stop here! Canada's biggest drugstore, Shoppers Drug Mart has also made online shopping available! To make the shopping experience more convenient for customers, Shoppers Drug Mart brings their beauty catalogue online where you can buy your favourite drugstore makeup and beauty products anytime anyday. While you're still able to earn and spend PC Optimum points online and get free shipping with minimum purchase of $50, you can even return your products at the store.

Check out their beauty online at

By Crystal Shum


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