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Selena Gomez’s Coach campaign ad slammed by netizens


In the marketing world, celebrities and photoshop go hand and hand and many fashion labels believe in the power of photo rendering applications to achieve those "perfect" images that legitimate fans can hype about. It seems that this wasn't the case for Selena Gomez's recent campaign ad for Coach.

Released on Instagram earlier this week, the pop superstar's image was heavily criticized by netizens due to the apparent hefty application of photo editing.

Image courtesy of Daily Mail.

Fans have pointed out that the Gomez is practically "unrecognizable" and that photoshopping the image(s) were "unnecessary".

Apart from the unhappy "Selenators", this also causes a slight contention after brands such as Target and Missguided recently released campaign ads just last year that endorse the idea of "self-love" and inhibiting the practice of photo editing in their images.

What are your thoughts?

By: Franz Tabora

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