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Lotion vs Body butter: Keeping your skin hydrated during winter


If there is anything winter has taught me, it is the difference between lotions and body butter.

Lotion preserves the moisture found in skin and is light in consistency (made up of oil and water bound together by an emulsifier). Body butter on the other hand, is deeply nourishing and hydrating. It is a silky and thick consistency (made up of butter and a combination of oils).

A reason why it is smarter to stay away from lotions during the winter is because the skin absorbs it quickly and therefore doesn’t retain the moisture on the skin's surface. Although body butter is the first option for my skin during the season, I notice a difference in my skin depending on how I apply it (damp/towel dry).

HOW TO USE:  In order for your skin to retain the moisture, its best to apply body butter after taking a shower, while your skin is damp.

Massage the desired amount onto skin and go

(It took me about 2 body butter tubs to get used to the slimy feeling of putting cream on your damp body but it’s the most effective way).

Body butter can be used by people with different types of skin (combination, oily,) but benefits people with dry skin, chapping, or inflammation the most.


Some nourishing body butter & creams:


The Body Shop

 For those with dry skin:

An extra step can be taken to lock in the moisture such as incorporating a body oil into your routine. Body oils resemble the natural oils found in your skin which is good because it makes them easily absorbable.

HOW TO USE: It can be applied to damp skin after a bath/shower, or before/after applying a body butter.

Alba The Chemistry Brand

Now Solutions Neutrogena

Personal tip: I would rather apply my oils after my body butter because not only do I find that it really does lock in moistures on my skin, it gives it a luminous glow.

Note: If you are acne prone, do not apply oils to acne prone areas (i.e. face, chest, back)

By Chizzy Obilonu

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