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Katrina Kaif x Hollywood Predictions


It seems Bollywood queens are on a spree to invade Hollywood with their talent and beauty. Continuing to make a mark with every project, actor Priyanka Chopra has already become a household name and darling of America. Not very behind is an equally talented actor, Deepika Padukone.

The latest to join the bandwagon is our own Katrina Kaif who is considered one of the top leads in Bollywood.

If reports are to be believed, she has been in talks for some time with Fox studios in Hollywood.

  Kaif is currently in Los Angeles during which her friend posted a picture of her captioned, "Sometimes life takes you on an adventure.”    

Based on the way things are looking, it seems the day is not far when Katrina Kaif will be a name to reckon with in Hollywood.

By: Sushma Shahabadi

Image Courtesy: India Times

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