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H&M to release affordable luxury line, “Nyden”


Despite having been massively bashed because of a controversial racist ad, H&M is ready to renew its marketing slate to re-inspire its longtime fans and current haters.

Months after the release of Arket, another manifestation of the Swedish fashion brand that sold quality staple pieces, H&M has announced that it will be unyielding a new affordable luxury line called "Nyden", a combination of two Swedish words meaning "new" and "it".

The official logo of Nyden. Image courtesy of NSS Magazine.

The brand will be headed by Oscar Olson, along with actress Noomi Rapace and tattoo artist Doctor Woo who will act as "tribe leaders" and co-create the clothes. The line differentiates itself from other millennial brands as it will not adhere to current trends and the price points will depend on the product. Olson describes Nyden's customers as "Netocrats" who are "younger and savvier" and are "more sensitive than ever to credibility, authenticity, and personality".

Pieces will be sold exclusively at pop-up events.

By: Franz Tabora

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