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Another k-beauty trend is on the rise. The skin-care trend called "glass skin" emerged after an LA-based makeup artist, Elle Choi, posted on Instagram a photo of her skin earning thousands of likes. The term "glass skin" is another term for dewy and pore-less skin.

Here are some steps you can follow to achieve that beautiful, smooth, and translucent skin:

1. DOUBLE CLEANSE. Start of with an oil-based cleanser massaging the product on the face and rinse it off with luke-warm water. Once this is done, follow it up by using a gel-like cleanser and rinse it off.

2. 7 SKIN METHOD. Apply seven layers of toner patting the face after each layer to retain the pH level of the skin (I promise you it will be WORTH IT!)

3. ESSENCE. To bring hydration back, apply an essence and pat it on the face to let the skin absorb the product.

4. MOISTURIZE. If there is one step you shouldn't forget that is applying a moisturizer. It prevents any dryness and will keep your skin hydrated and smooth for the rest of the day.

5. SUNSCREEN. For the most part, our skin is exposed to the sun on a regular basis. To protect the skin from brown spots and wrinkles caused by the UV rays, massaging the product on the face.


By Mary Joven


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