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Muna Jama’s Historic Kaftan in Miss Universe’s Bikini Round

From diversity in fashion to diversity in beauty pageants, things are changing, slow yet sure.

Muna Jama was participating in the Miss Universe Great Britain pageant and wasn’t comfortable with the bikini round. She talked to the organizers and was given the go-ahead to sashay down the catwalk in her choice: a flowy long flamboyant kaftan, large hooped earrings, and a silver choker.

The 27-year-old was invited to compete in the pageant and agreed to do so only after she was allowed to “wear a cover-up if she chose.” And she did.

Sharing the momentous occasion with her followers on Instagram she said:

This is not the first time a Muslim woman has made headlines for her choice of modest clothing in a beauty pageant.
Earlier this year Halima Aden had made headlines globally for her choice to participate in the Miss Minnesota pageant in a burkini, the modest cover-all swimsuit favoured by Muslim women. Since then she has cemented her fashion credentials, landing an Allure cover, walking for Yeezy Season 5 as well as at the Milan Fashion Show in February this year.

In a time when Islamphobia is rife, and women are being questioned over their right to choose the way they want to dress, this comes as welcome news, Muslim woman or not.

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