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Sustainable Fashion is the Future

Sustainable fashion is in. Just ask renowned Actress, Brown University Graduate, and UN Ambassador Emma Watson. The actress is known for dabbling in many different social causes, so it should come as no real surprise then that she is also a proud supporter of sustainable fashion. Watson has launched a new Instagram account called The Press Tour that will document all of her outfits while she is out on tour promoting Beauty and the Beast. All of the outfits will be sustainable choices and their information will be verified by Eco Age, a brand consultancy firm founded by Livia Firth.

In an era where the fashion industry is going through so many changes, it is great to see a figure like Watson step up to the plate and use her platform to promote this message. Social media and fashion now go hand in hand, especially when it comes to consumer behaviour and how this generation shops. Social media has the power to shape their decisions and, hopefully, by shining a light on brands that are socially conscious, people will want to shop smart.

Fashion shows are no longer just for the elite, many are live-streamed. According to a report on fashion by The Economist, China is still the largest fashion exporter ($175 billion) followed by Bangladesh ($26 billion), and Vietnam ($22 billion). The industry is transitioning. Lets hope that both the production and marketing sides can co-exist with sustainability because without valuing our materials there would be no products. Designers are creative thinkers who like to move forward and, right now, sustainability is the future.

By Rhea Braganza 

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