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Toronto Women’s Fashion Week Review

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TWFW) debuted over the weekend, and the show was pretty impressive. Yesterday's show (March 12) opened with a Fashion Films Premiere Caniff, followed by designers: KQK at 4pm, Lesley Hampton at 5pm, Zoran Dobric at 6pm, Peggy Sue at 8pm, Hendrixroe at 8pm, and Mikael D at 9pm. Breaks were filled with shuffling in and out of the main runway, to the media lounge, and back again inside, all within 40-minute intervals. Each show lasted about 20-30 minutes, and the rest of the time was used to set up for the next. The event was held at Waterworks (505 Richmond Street). Each designer had such a unique aesthetic that truly created a one of a kind experience for guests to be immersed in, from the short film introductions, to the background music, and models, their themes and visions were set to tell a tale.

The show opened with KQK, a designer who showcased black pieces with perfectly positioned red strips that were minimal and androgynous, while incorporating streetwear edginess and a sense of sophistication.

Lesley Hampton’s collection paid tribute to the First Nations, and her dresses were chic in unique prints that came in a variety of lengths for all kinds of body types.

The next show was Zoran Dobric, which almost had an ethereal-like feel to it. His pieces were made using Trotec Canada laser-cutting techniques on hard materials to make beautiful designs that were placed on the fabrics, along with some funky accessories. The message was one of trans-humanism.

The Peggy Sue collection was all about sustainable fashion. All of the pieces were made from organic materials that paid tribute to the Farmers, the Makers and the Creators. Just image a poncho made from five different pairs of old jeans.

Hendrixroe’s collection ‘Artificial Nocturnal' could only be described as glamorous and badass. With songs like 'Diva' playing in the background and an ending image on the screen that read “Properly of No One”, the designer’s vintage rock ‘n roll outfits were just oh-so-edgy. One outfit that really stood out was a couples matching hot pink pantsuit with fur.

Finally, Mikael D closed the show with his gown collection that left the audience in awe. A tribute to Old Hollywood Glam and The Great Gatsby Era, the designer’s sequin dresses floated down the runway.

By Rhea Braganza

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