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Dior’s Releases BACKSTAGE- A More Affordable Makeup Line

Dior's makeup products have always been met with great success and adoration, but everyone knows that designer items can be quite costly. That's why we're thankful for Dior's newest collection titled BACKSTAGE, a line inspired by the products used in Fashion Month on the various models.  

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The design for BACKSTAGE is created by Peter Philips, the current creative and image director of Dior. He wanted to make products that provided high quality results but were also simple enough to use on-the-go. With 40 shades of foundation, the products will match anyone's skin tone.  

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The excitement doesn't stop there- Dior also has contour palettes with shimmer and matte options to complete the perfect complexion. There are also eye palettes, lip shades and brushes, all under $50.  

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If you want to purchase these, they're available on the website and will hit on June 15.

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