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New Jersey’s Sikh Attorney General Stands Tall Against Racial Slurs.

Gurbir Grewal was appointed as New Jersey's top law enforcement official. A position he has earned and worked for. In this position, he has dealt with an abundance of racism. However on Wednesday after announcing the decision to suspend marijuana prosecution statewide, the radio hosts of the Dennis & Judy show dolled out some unnecessary racially charged commentary; "You know, the attorney general," co-host Dennis said going in about Gurbir's decision to suspend marijuana prosecutions statewide, "I'm never going to know his name, I'm just going to say the guy with the turban." "Turban maaaaan," co-host Judi Franco echoed. "If that offends you, then don't wear the turban and then I'll remember your name," Malloy stated. Let's not even touch on the fact that all of what was said had nothing to do with the actual suspension and was honestly just hate speech disguised as political commentary, because that's just obvious. Of course, they rightfully faced a backlash from sound-minded individuals such as Gov. Phil Murphy called the comments "abhorrent and xenophobic." Sen. Cory Booker said they were "hateful." Below was Gurbir Grewal's response:

from twitter

  Although many spoke out in support of Gurbir, it doesn't change the fact that many like Dennis and Judy are unwilling to view those of different religion, appearance and skin colour as being apart of their country. "Scroll through any of the online comments about my work or my office or any news story. It can really be stomach-turning," he said at the gathering. "I have been called a towelhead, a raghead, a terrorist I have been told to go back home so many countless times in such impolite terms I can hardly remember where home is," he told the crowd at one point".  When living in a multicultural society, it's important to make an effort to understand other cultures and religions. Looking at differences as being a negative trait is intolerant and counteractive of creating a harmonious community. Gurbir is a high ranking politician in the U.S, is a U.S citizen and a family man and his home is the United States of America. Gurbir declined the request for an interview on the issue. His final word on the issue was this: "Others have faced far worse," he wrote in his last Twitter post on the matter. "We rise above this. Now let’s get back to business.".  Gurbir indeed rose above it and by the end of the afternoon, they had announced two new legal actions.


By Daman Grewal.

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