The Future Is Now: Instagram Ends Screenshot Notification For Stories

Everyone scrolls through people's profiles on social media to get an overall judgment of how they live. It's just what we do. Naturally, we also feel an inclination to take screenshots of the questionable actions people post on their stories, but may have been hesitant to do so because of the dreaded screenshot notification that Instagram had rolled out. Not to fear, everyone- finally, Instagram has removed the screenshot alert so that you can send your best friend the weird selfie your least favorite person has posted.

Why This Matters

Previously, Instagram would snitch on you and inform the other person that you took a screenshot, making your lurking days not-too-discreet and can lead to some embarrassing questions- such as, "why did you take a screenshot of me eating mashed potatoes?" This alert was straight out of the Snapchat guidebook (including lots of their other features, of course), and after testing it for several months, Instagram quietly took it away. This is probably good news to the lurkers and bad news to their victims, however. Just a warning: if you take a screenshot of a disappearing video or image, it will still alert people with a notification, so tread carefully.

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