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Scarlett Johansson Under Fire for New Role.. again

You may remember Scarlett Johansson faced backlash for her role in Ghost In The Shell, a plot line of Japanese origin that should have rightly so involved an actress of Japanese background. Presently, Johansson has been cast in the role of a transgender man in the upcoming film Rub and Tug which focuses around Dante "Tex" Gill a prominent trans man who was a fixture in Pittsburgh's massage parlour industry in the 70s and 80s.

image courtesy of the verge.com

This film was anticipated to be a large and impactful film for the trans industry, it would have been an excellent opportunity to provide a platform and representation for the trans community. Just as Ghost In The Shell would have been an excellent platform for the Japanese community and a chance for Japanese actors and actresses to take part in an iconic film.

Image courtesy of Schema Magazine.

The casting of a straight, cis, white woman in roles created and suited for marginalised communities does a disservice to those in need of a voice and representation. Trace Lysette, Jamie Clayton two of many trans actress spoke out against the casting calling attention to casting double standards for Cis actors.  

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  There is an increasingly large demand for proper representation in the film and television industry. Actors and actresses and casting directors alike have a responsibility to ensure proper representation and authenticity to a story's organs, fictional or not.

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