Kanye West Declares Venture Into Architecture

Kanye- fashion designer, rapper, and now... architect? The 40 year old extends his entrepreneurial pursuits into an architecture firm called Yeezy Home, and he's currently on the hiring process for potential workers interested in joining him.   Kanye's previous businesses have so far been successful. His collaboration with Adidas has been met with acclaim (and some complaints) but they are still consistently sold out. He even has a foray into writing, where he is writing a philosophy book in 'real time'. His creativity knows no bounds, but people are divided on his passion for designing. Some are dismayed by his choice:   However, many others are lining up with resumés and portfolios in the hopes that Ye will hire them for work:   Ultimately whatever Kanye West decides to do with his architectural plans will probably meet the same success as his fashion and rapping career. Will you be asking Mr. West to hire you?

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