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Kim Kardashian’s “Bo Derek” braids causing issue of Cultural Appropriation


The reality star seems to be loving her new blonde Bo Derek-inspired hairstyle that she recently shared to social media, despite some critics accusing her of cultural appropriation. Kim is under fire for her new beaded cornrows, which she instead called "Bo Derek" braids in reference to the white actress who debuted the look in the '70s film, 10.

Kim Kardashian under fire for sporting her "Boxer Braids". Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

"So guys, I did Bo Derek braids, and I'm really into it," she said in a short clip to her millions of fans on Snapchat. There seems to be many issues with the beauty-moguls style that go beyond the braids. The first issue is the fact that she cites a white woman for the hair inspiration, while the actual cultural significance of the hairstyle is rooted from black culture. Although it is absolutely never OK to rip off a culture that's not yours, if you do, the least you can do is acknowledge where it came from.

Surprisingly enough, this is not Kim's first cultural appropriation-related offense. Remember last June when she posted a photo of her photoshopped and heavily contoured face announcing her own makeup line, KKW Beauty? A lot of people have accused her of wearing blackface after being taken aback by how dark they made her skin appear in the image. Kardashian fixed the photo and addressed the issue, making it seem like an incident like this would not happen again. From previously wearing "boxer braids" and blackface to the now Bo Derek braids, has the star really learned her lesson on the importance of cultural appropriation?

For a woman who makes a living off the internet, do you think that Kim Kardashian is in the wrong for publicly wearing this hairstyle and references a white actress?

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