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Women Take A Stand At Cannes Film Festival

This weekend actresses/actors and filmmakers alike flocked to the south of France to take part in the annual Cannes Film Festival; an iconic 2 week long award show celebrating new films and filmmakers. This year however the first week of the festival featured a unique moment from the attendees. 82 women marched the infamous steps of Palais des Festivals to protest gender equality in the film industry. Actresses Cate Blanchette, Kristin Stewart and Salma Hayek and many more, led the protest. Cate Blanchette explained the significance of the number 82; “On these steps today stand 82 women representing the number of female directors who have climbed these stairs since the first edition of the Cannes Film Festival in 1946,” she contrasted “In the same period 1688 male directors have climbed these very same stairs. In the 71 years of this world-renowned festival there have been 12 female heads of its juries.”

82 women descended the red carpet staircase in protest. Image courtesy of E! Entertainment

  The march was put together by 5050 by 2020 a French organization devoted to gender equality in the film industry. In response to the protest, Cannes Film Festival announced that they would begin formulating commitments to diversity today. This show of support to the women in the industry shows us that speaking up and standing up can result in real change. UPDATE!! The Cannes Film Festival announced its plans today to launch a sexual harassment hotline in the wake of a multitude of accusations pointed at major players in the film industry.

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Recognising the power of women, we can also recognize some of the amazing looks brought to the festival; Here are some of the best looks from the red carpet in Cannes. If Rihanna is Queen of the Met Gala, Aishwarya Rai is the Queen of the Cannes Film Festival. Every year she comes back with a look more stunning than the last.

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By Daman Grewal

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