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Meghan Markle Tosses Tradition


Meghan Markle tosses tradition, bringing modernity to the royal family! The Suits star and soon-to-be Prince Harry’s Mrs. is moulding her glamorous lifestyle to her comfort and we love it!

American, biracial and divorced, Markle is far from what the public is traditionally used to seeing coupled with the Royals. One can thank her strong-willed and passionate mother, Doria Ragland, for her daughter’s admirable streak and independence and also credit Prince Harry for his love choice of course!

Speaking of Ragland, she is Markle’s next target! The actress has voiced that she requested her mother to walk her down the aisle—another resistant act from tradition! But this is no surprise, considering the outspoken deep love the humanitarian has for her mother.

Her father, Thomas W. Markle, originally had shared that he would love to do the honours prior to the decision, but no hard feelings! Regardless, the former television lighting director who has worked on shows such as Married with Children and General Hospital, is extremely proud of his daughter.

One can imagine with all that’s taking place, the spotlight is extra bright. Handling herself well, Markle isn’t bothered by the level of attention—something her future husband has always truly wanted (as it was problematic in his previous relationships). After all, one must have thick skin, and it appears that Markle has the full package!

Fifth in line to the throne, the famous couple wed on Saturday, May 19 at Windsor Castle.


By: Vera El-Timany

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