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Vice Magazine’s Insensitive “Burqa” Project

By Priya Kumar Annette Lamothe-Ramos, the fashion editor at hipster rag Vice Magazine was searching for a Burqa for a music video she was styling. Having no luck finding one, she deduced that it was her duty to show readers what it's like to spend a day under a "burqa". Why the quotation? Because when she actually went to carry out this wildly insensitive experiment, she failed to realize that she is not in fact donning a burqa but rather a niqab. After perusing the internet for a while in search of videos about "how Americans reacted to seeing someone resembling the Grim Reaper float by them in line at Starbucks." Although she was already "bitching" about hot hot it felt underneath the garment before leaving the house, she managed to make it out and head to the subway. After traveling around NYC underground for a while, commentated on the looks she received and how she felt like a "jerk" when arriving at the Empire State building and scaring tourists. Did I mention she actually wanted to go naked under the niqab? She settled on a crop top and booty shorts because she realized that the abaya was actually outer wear. Finally, after not being able to eat a hotdog and sweating in places she's never sweat before she called it a day. It wasn't the experiment itself that offended us as SHE, but rather the blatantly racist, ignorant commentary with which she felt the need to caption her shenanigans. A few years ago Tyra Banks pulled a similar stunt on her talk show with her donning an undercover camera and a fat suit-- the outrage being that how could a supermodel do such a thing? Our point is, she did it without judgement.  The same cannot be said about this offense Vice article, proving fashion and politics do not mix. Ms. Lamothe-Ramos should stick to what she knows best.  

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