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Barbie Girls All Grown Up

You probably haven't played with a Barbie doll for while now but this fall Mattel Inc. wants you to revisit your beloved childhood doll again. Barbie has captured the imaginations of young girls all over the world for centuries, but now Mattel Inc. - the doll's creator - is hoping for a whole new age group to relive the past with their trilogy of ready-to-wear collections. American brands Lord & Taylor, Forever 21 and Wildfox have all decided to collaborate with Mattel Inc. and create collections inspired by the fashion icon's wardrobe from the fifties, eighties and nineties.

These collaborations are part of an effort to reestablish Barbie as a fashion icon.

"I think what people pay attention to is Barbie the toy, and what we're trying to focus on is that Barbie is a brand much bigger than an 11-inch fashion doll," Jessica Dunne, Mattel's general manager and senior vice president,  told WWD.

The Forever 21 collection, inspired by Barbie's wardrobe in the 1990s, is the first to debut and is stated to hit stores on September 5th. Consisting of sportswear, sleepwear, outerwear, cosmetics and accessories, it will be available for between $3.90 - $24.90 at Forever 21 stores and online at

The Lord & Taylor range, which mainly focuses on sleepwear, will be available on September 14th within the retailer's top 10 doors. This collection, has a more conservative look and will range in price from $32 - $46.

Wildfox  re-created actual outfits that the Malibu Barbie wore during the 1980's. This collection, which launches November 15th, will be available at high-end and e-tailers, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Planet Blue, Revolve Clothing and Fred Segal. Prices will range from $37.50 - $183.

"Barbie meant a lot to me growing up, and with this company I am basically playing grown-up Barbie all the time," Kimberley Gordon, Wildfox cofounder and creative director, told WWD.

"I thought it would be fun to imagine if those [dolls] were real, and to bring the Barbie Dream House to life."

Barbie Loves Forever 21


Barbie Loves Forever 21


Barbie Loves Forever 21


Barbie Wildfox Dreamhouse

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