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American Girl in Toronto

By Serena Tarneja As a seventeen -year-old girl from the small town of Orlando, Florida, Canada, in comparison, seems so exciting and full of things to do. Yes, Orlando is a tourist hot spot (shout out to  Disney World), but for people over the age of five, it offers very little in terms of entertainment.

Lakes of Muskoka

My Canadian adventure began on June 30th, the beginning of the long weekend. Like the rest of the sun-starved population, I headed up to cottage country otherwise known as Muskoka. Unlike the flat, marshy land in Florida, Muskoka boasts lush hills and quaint cottages. The resort I stayed at was so cute that it made me feel like I was at one of those sleep-away camps you see in the movies. While I was here I discovered that Muskoka was the perfect place to relax and unwind after a hectic week. You could take a swim, go fishing, or even go canoeing in one of the 1600 lakes located in the district.

CN Tower

After three days of complete relaxation and plenty of sunshine, I headed back to the bustling city of Toronto. First thing on the agenda: the Toronto Zoo. This was a great place for kids, but it was surprisingly fun for adults too. The Toronto Zoo had animals from all over the world, my favorites being the African white lions and the baby polar bear. I even got to pet a couple stingrays and a shark! The next day I decided to visit the CN tower. Even though many of the local people told me that the CN tower was pretty lame, I still wanted to go. Not going to the CN tower in Toronto is almost as bad as not visiting Disney World in Orlando (you gotta go at least once). The view from the top was spectacular, but everything else in the tower was pretty lame, especially the ride, but on the bright side, I got some great pictures for Instagram and managed to kill three hours.

Record store on Queen St.

My next stop on my Toronto adventure was Queen Street.  I could literally spend all day on Queen St. visiting all the unique and quirky shops. Some of the most interesting shops I visited included a condom shop, a record store, and a bong shop (something I had never ever seen in Orlando, trust me). I even got to catch a Broadway play at the Four Seasons. The play  “Beauty and the Beast” was actually one of the best shows I'd ever seen. The sets and actors were amazing and literally made me feel like I had been transported into the animated movie I watched as a child. Well that’s it for my Canadian adventure so far! Canada has been a nice change of scenery from Orlando and I’m excited to explore even more of Toronto this week.

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