SHE Travels: Panaji

This week for SHE Travels we're gonna be taking a look into the beautiful destination of Panaji, India! Panaji is the capital city of Goa filled with lots of rich culture and history as well as some must visit travel destination! Panaji is overlooking the Mandovi river where you can find many cruise boats and floating casinos plying the water.

Deltin Royale Casino 

Panaji is also very famous for it's many temples and palaces scattered throughout the city. Places such as the Mala and Maruti Temple or the Mahalaksmi Temple are popular religious temples that are absolutely stunning to visit! Throughout the city their Portuguese influence is strongly felt, specially through the narrow streets in the old Latin Quarter.

Mahalaksmi Temple

Panaji is also filled with many beautiful parks, gardens and beaches. The Campal gardens light up the city with green scenery and is home to many famous parks and gardens in Gao. Places such as the Luis Gomes Garden and the Bhagwan Mahavir Children's Park are great places to spend an afternoon while visiting Panaji. If after a stroll in the park you wish to relax, a stop by Miramar Beach is the place for you, as the beach lies on the confluence of river Mandovi and the Indian Ocean.

Luis Gomes Garden

If you're looking for a true Goan experience, a couple days in Panaji are essential! Make sure to check out our other SHE Travels destinations on our last issue!

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