Beginners Trip Guide- Backpacking Australia

Looking for a way to get away from the cold? Why not take a trip around the world! Australia is a beautiful country filled with many gorgeous beaches, cities and wild life. Us at SHE Canada have pointed out four must go places when visiting the land down under! Gold Coast  Gold Coast in Queensland just south of Brisbane, is known for it long and sandy beaches, it's surfing and it's inner city canals and waterways. Gold Coast's beaches are so popular that the city has become the third largest film production centre in Australia behind Sydney and Melbourne. Films such as Scooby Doo (2002), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017),and Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) have all been filmed on the beautiful beaches of Australia's Surfer's Paradise. Gold Coast is as known for it's beaches as it is for it's theme parks. Gold Coast is home to theme parks such as Dreamworlds, Sea World and WetN'Wild.   Canberra  You can't visit Australia without stopping by it's capital city of Canberra! Canberra is known for it's insightful history, museums, great parks and buildings. Much like Washington D.C. Canberra was a planned capital city designed to be a mix between Sydney and Melbourne. Their Parliament house is one of the greatest sights with an a amazing forecourt and marble foyer. The most famous tourist activity is a scenic and breathtaking Hot Air balloon ride over the city!   Sydney 

Sydney is located on the East coast of Australia in the state of New South Wales. Sydney is one of Australia's most popular city, home to the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Sydney is also known for it's beautiful beaches, with over 70 popular beaches throughout the city. Most famously Bondi beach, that has been known due to it's celebrity appearances such as Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

  Melbourne  Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, and it is known for its many cafe shops, street art and live music. Home to famous Rock N' Roll band AC/DC, the band now has a street named after them that can be found full of street art done by local artists. Melbourne is very well known for it's amazing street art that can be found in their many alleys throughout the city. Melbourne also has beautiful beaches such as Brighton beach and St. Kilda beach.  

By: Emilio Llosa

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