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2018’s Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Rest & Relaxation: Gao 

Gao has become one of honeymooners hottest destinations! Not only popular for it's beautiful sun-kissed beaches, Gao also has many holistic honeymoon activities. Pool side yoga and walks by the Harvalem and Dudhsagar waterfalls are just some of the ways you can explore and relax while in Gao! Gao is a great place to spoil yourselves together in an inviting and tranquil environment!


Adventure Seekers: Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan is a great honeymoon destination for a couple seeking a little adventure during their romantic time away! Take a trip to  Ranthambore National Park where you will find incredible wild life such as tigers, boars, leopards and monkeys. There are many other activities to partake in such as a hot air ballon ride, a zip-line tour at Mehrangarh fort, or adventure at Kachida Valley, Surwal Lake, and the Mansingh Sanctuary.


Beach Lovers: Bali 

Bali is an island in Indonesia widely known for it's forested volcanic mountains, it's beautiful beaches and coral reefs. Relax together on the beach and par-take in many aquatic activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. Take a trip down to Nusa Lembongan a well known beach spot for yoga and relaxation!   City Nights: Paris

Paris is the romantic honeymoon come true for any couple! Paris is known for being the global centre for fashion, art museums and beautiful man made architecture. Take a picture at the famous 'I Love You' wall, that has the words 'I Love You' written in over 250 languages! Get to see what the city looks like from the romantic and beautiful view at the top of the world famous Eiffel Tower.


Food Fanatics: Japan 

Japan is known for it's treasured shrines and temples as well as it's world famous culinary treasures. Japan has food for everyone, which is what makes it such a great honeymoon getaway for the newlyweds.  Indulge in some sushi and ramen, or even tempura and Kare raisu! Attend many of Japans Michelin star restaurant for an unforgettable culinary experience!


By: Emilio Llosa

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