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Unauthorized Photos Of Celebrity Children Are Hopefully Coming To An End

Last month, Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard publicized their boycott towards media outlets who publish the unauthorized photographs of celebrity children. Bell made her stance clear on Twitter stating: "I wont do interviews 4 entities that pay photogs to take pics of my baby anymore. I care more about my integrity & my values than my career. The "look at the celebs kid at the park!" teaches us a disengaged vouyerism. think abt how being followed by photos all day effects THE KID. Now think about how you play the MOST NECESSARY role in the sad chain of events-the consumer. Things won't change till the consumer does."  Shepard appeared to be right behind her in this statement by adding: "Please boycott magazines that run pics of "celebrity children." They shouldn't be punished for who their parents are." It's clear that Bell and Shepard were targeting infamous media outlets such as tabloid magazines and high profile news outlets online and on television. This past weekend, it was apparent that the couple's voices were heard loud and clear when People magazine, Just Jared, and Entertainment Tonight joined their stance to discontinue running unauthorized photographs of celebrity children. This disposition is hoped to send a message to other media outlets, along with the paparazzi who are the prime reason that these children lack privacy.  Entertainment Tonight released the following statement regarding the issue: "We are proud to support Kristen Bell and other celebrities in their efforts to protect their children from intrusive paparazzi. It is our sincere hope that having ET take a leadership position on this issue sends a clear message to the photographers taking these unwanted shots, that this behavior will not be tolerated or supported." You can bet that SHE is a proud supporter of this matter, and we can only hope that the unauthorized photography backdrops of children disintegrates altogether.  

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