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Tushar Unadkat, a Modern Day Renaissance Man

By Chantelle Henriques Tushar Unadkat is an Indian filmmaker, art director, set designer and photographer among many other things.  He settled in Canada after working in the entertainment industries in Europe and Asia.  Tushar says what drew him to Canada is its “diversity and richness of ethnicities.” One of Tushar’s most prominent works was his project titled “An Indian Abroad.” It was a photojournalism research project about the Indian diaspora that Tushar completed during his time in Europe. His collection has been exhibited at galleries all over the world and was nominated for the BBC Asia Awards in 1999. This year, Tushar will be receiving the Trail Blazer Award, which Tushar believes secures him a spot in the artistic community. “For an artistic acknowledgement, it is the greatest reward,” he said. In 2002, while living in New York City, Tushar says he decided to give back to the artistic community, which had always been helpful to him on his journey as an independent artist.  Tushar created a group called Nouveau iDEA (New International Dimension in Entertainment and Arts), whose mission is to support and promote Indians (South Asian) and "Indo-Ferang" (Non Resident Indians) artistic events. Now a decade old, Tushar is proud with the results he has seen from Nouveau iDEA. “Observing the communication trends of Nouveau iDEA from 2002-2009, I’m honoured to say that, aside from having promoted our rich Indian heritage, we’ve become a community of culturally diverse artists,” Tushar said. While he admits he loves art in all forms and being artistic is a great skill, there is one skill Tushar values above all others-versatility. “We need to have the adaptability to given circumstances [...]. Any form of art inspires the other and what matters more is how you commercially market it. Directing is my forte and marketing is my middle name.”

Tushar with Sunidhi Chauhan


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