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The Newest Face on the Runway – Kelly Gale

Runways are starting to see a new face walking the catwalk - Kelly Gale.

She is a 17 year old, and still in high school. But it's what she does in her spare time that sets her apart. Most recently, she modeled in Chanel's pre-Fall collection show.

Her unique background, her Mother from India and her Father from Austrila, but rasied in Sweden, has made her designers' to pick for the upcoming fashion season.

Besides being a model for Chanel, this teenager still deals with the everyday issues a typical teen would. In a recent interview with WWD, she talked about how her gym teacher picks on her and her fellow classmates think her job is easy and don't give her the credit she deserves.

We hope to see Kelly Gale more and more and will be watching keenly as she achieves her goal of one day being a Victoria's Secret model - however she says she will have to see how her dad would feel about that!


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