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The 71st Golden Globe Awards

An elegant yet bawdy affair, Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler proved once again that not only should they host every kind of awards show, but they should also be our best friends. Depending on who you are (Taylor Swift), the fierce and funny duo either impressed you or insulted you as co-hosts of the night. Fey and Poehler both nailed the opening monologue and made brilliant appearances throughout the night, notably when Poehler nabbed the award for best performance by an actress in a television series. A first time winner, and a long time coming if you ask us. American Hustle was particularly the bigger winner of the night in terms of quantity. The film won Best Picture in the comedy or musical category as expected, highlighting the films efforts to indulge the audience in a peculiar late-70s era. Jennifer Lawrence earned an acting globe for her remarkable performance (obviously), along with Amy Adams who also earned herself a well-deserved acting globe. It seemed that 12 Years A Slave was almost non-existent until the film won Best Drama by the end of the night. While the film itself may not have stolen the show last night, its leading actress certainly did. Rising actress and model, Lupita Nyong'o effortlessly wore a Ralph Lauren red gown and made an impression like no other woman on the red carpet. If this is her Golden Globes outfit, we can already expect that Nyong'o will satisfy the eyes of every woman at home sobbing over her dress during the Oscars. Take a look at our favourite (and not-so-favourite) outfits that hit the red carpet last night. enhanced-buzz-3074-1389569881-8 enhanced-buzz-3097-1389569252-5 enhanced-buzz-6341-1389566579-12 enhanced-buzz-9222-1389574400-5 enhanced-buzz-11288-1389574023-0 enhanced-buzz-14436-1389572681-38 enhanced-buzz-15077-1389569313-15 enhanced-buzz-18395-1389573581-11 enhanced-buzz-20287-1389571168-16 enhanced-buzz-20434-1389570745-1 enhanced-buzz-20459-1389567863-0 enhanced-buzz-20459-1389570105-22 enhanced-buzz-20611-1389569636-21 enhanced-buzz-20660-1389572013-9 enhanced-buzz-21172-1389573939-5 enhanced-buzz-21640-1389574316-34 enhanced-buzz-22613-1389571608-12 enhanced-buzz-22658-1389566527-0 enhanced-buzz-22871-1389571409-22 enhanced-buzz-25905-1389575368-20 enhanced-buzz-26510-1389571443-10 enhanced-buzz-26860-1389571799-16 enhanced-buzz-27229-1389571849-7 enhanced-buzz-28707-1389573301-0 enhanced-buzz-29927-1389574637-2 enhanced-buzz-31586-1389571503-0 enhanced-buzz-32231-1389573097-0 lena zooey  

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