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Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour’s Presidential Fundraiser

Sarah Jessica Parker threw a dinner party to end all dinner parties. Teaming up with Vogue's Anna Wintour, she invited the Obamas to her four-story west village apartment in New York for an unforgettable evening described by the President as "date night."

Furniture is moved out of SJP's house to make room for 50 A-list guests

  SATC jokes aside, the event raised an impressive 2 million dollars and boasted a guest list of top celebrities, Meryl Streep and Michael Kors were among the attendees who paid $40,000 for their seats. Anna Wintour was rumored to have overhauled Sarah Jessica Parker's house, taking out unnecessary furniture, bringing in plump bouquets of white roses and having a gardener plant ferns outside.  

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