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Rankin and Ayami Nishimura: Beauty Book Collaborators

By: Frances Du British photographer Rankin has collaborated with famed make-up artist Ayami Nishimura for the second in his series of beauty books to create something truly extraordinary. As a self-taught artist, Nishimura is known for her highly skilled and super-stylized designs that are simultaneously evocative and surreal. Having worked with the likes of Miraiano Vivanco and Miles Alridge, Nishimura has proven to be an exciting collaborator who is less concerned about bringing out someone’s inner beauty and more focused on creating spellbinding illusions. When Rankin approached Nishimura about the project he simply said, “Do what you feel, Ayami. Free range—just go for it.” By giving her creative freedom, Nishimura ended up creating provocative and mesmerizing art pieces out of her wide-eyed models, blending Japanese tradition with a mixture of futuristic and nature images. “Everything, really,” admits Nishimura.

Is anyone else going to forever associate a mouth full of flowers with modern-day cannibalism?

Her laissez-faire attitude, her openness to incorporating disparate themes in a single collection without any fear of criticism that has her being sought out by performers like M.I.A. and Lady Gaga (who aren’t exactly strangers to controversy). Rankin says, “Ayami was a joy to work with and really took the open brief to heart. We’ve created so many original and unique images. It demonstrates why make-up artists like Ayami, truly are artists in their own right.” The finishing product, Ayami Nishimura by Rankin, is now available at The photos will also be part of an exhibition in the Rankin Gallery at the end of August. Get a glimpse of Ayami’s avant-garde approach in the video below!   [Cover Photo courtesy of Rankin Gallery]

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