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Quvenzhane Wallis And Her Trademark Style Steal The Show-Again!

How cute is Quvenzhane Wallis? Accompanied by her signature puppy purse, she proved to be not only a scene stealer in “Beasts of the Southern Wild” but a crowd favourite according to the amount of applause she garnered at the annual Academy Awards nominations Luncheon on Monday. An Academy member was even heard saying that the take-home lesson from the event was how much people love that little girl. And who can blame them? The nine-year-old, Best Actress nominee is giving peers such as Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence a run for their money, on the big screen and the red-carpet, with her style statement. The young starlet is hardly ever seen without her trademark over-the-shoulder puppy purses. Wallis owns almost 20 of the Poochie & Co bags and says that they are her signature. At a recent Jay Leno appearance, when he asked her who her date for the big awards night would be, she lifted her puppy purse and said “this and my mom.” As we are all left guessing who will win the coveted awards and which lucky mutt will accompany Wallis on her big night, we leave you with some of her most adorable looks. wallis1  

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