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Pushpa Basnet- CNN’s Hero Of The Year

By: Bonnie Mendez Pushpa Basnet, a Nepal woman was named 2012 Hero of the Year by CNN on Sunday. Pushpa Basnet, or “Mamu” as she is called by many of the children she takes care of while their parents are imprisoned in the area of Kathmandu has helped more than 140 children through her non-profit organization, the Early Childhood Development Center that she calls the Butterfly Home, with the determination to keep them out of prison and give them a better future. Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries and with limited space in the few homes affiliated with the government, many children end up with their parents in prison if they do not have anywhere else to go.  Basnet takes them into her home providing education, food and medical care. She says “These children have done nothing wrong. They are simply caught in something they don’t understand.” She also runs a daycare program for children under six that are too young to be separated from their parents. Basnet’s, mission is to keep children out of prison but she also makes sure the kids maintain a good relationship with their parents by sending them for visits with change of clothes and clean water. Each year CNN honors people with the purpose of changing the world. Pushpa was honored with another top 10 CNN heroes of 2012 award, receiving $250,000, to continue to help children in addition of the amount of $50,000 that every hero receives. Each hero also receives a customized version of The Annanberg Alchemy program, guidance on fundraising and communication management.

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